The Right Experience for the Right Services

David Smith, Owner and Founder of Prestige Pharmacy Outsourcing Advisors, LLC has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmacy industry. His business expertise spans retail, hospital and IV home infusion with his most recent and most important role serving as Director of Pharmacy Operations for Carie Boyd’s Prescription Shop in Hurst, Texas.

outsourcing facility

In 2016, Carie Boyd’s began the process for 503B registration. During this time, Smith worked closely with consultants to develop cGMP Standard Operating Procedures, implement all new processes, train employees, validate equipment, and maintain on-going competencies for PCAB standards. He continued to grow and expand Carie Boyd’s footprint in the 503B arena.


During his tenure at CBP, he was also involved and successfully responded to numerous inspections from the FDA, DEA, and all states where the pharmacy was registered. In this role he created new processes, revised SOPs and developed additional employee training
along with authoring the “Plans of Corrections” for each of the inspections.


Smith quickly recognized the evolving landscape of compounding from the federal standpoint. The FDA and state boards are implementing more and more rigorous standards for compounding pharmacies with very few experts in the field to guide them to success. This led to the creation of Prestige Pharmacy Outsourcing Advisors. The goal of PPOA is to provide this expertise to other pharmacies already registered as outsourcing facilities to pharmacies just looking into the process of becoming a 503B outsourcing facility.