Is your pharmacy considering registration as a 503B outsourcing facility?
Or a pharmacy already registered as a 503B outsourcing facility and looking for help to ensure cGMP compliance and a successful upcoming inspection.

Prestige Pharmacy Outsourcing
Advisors, LLC has years of
experience in the pharmacy business
and a deep understanding of USP 797 and
cGMP standards.

We welcome you to learn more about our services. We help pharmacies in every stage of the 503B process from planning for registration to assisting in responses to FDA inspections. Check us out!

“PPOA’s vast array of knowledge regarding the 503B space is second to none. They work in a collaborative fashion with you to ensure you understand not only the requirements, but the intention as well. With all the regulatory headwinds out there, you must engage a second set of eyes to ensure you are doing all that you can do.  This has helped us become more diligent in our efforts to not only identify areas of improvement, but to continuously improve as well.”
Don Prentiss
President of Carie Boyd’s Prescription Shop, a Prestige Pharmacy Outsourcing Advisors, LLC, client